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Comprehensive blood and urine tests carried out at the surgery by our nurses for same day results, with interpretation by one of our veterinary surgeons
all for £45

saving of £35
off the usual price.


Not forgetting the older pet in your life ..

For all pets over the age of 8 years old we suggest a Senior Health Screening to detect any potential problems at an early stage. This includes comprehensive blood and urine tests carried out at the surgery by our nurses for same day results, with interpretation by one of our veterinary surgeons all for £45 a saving of £35 off the usual price.

If any problems are shown up on this screening, and further tests are indicated, these will be at discounted prices.

These are all the things that our blood and urine tests will measure with a description of what each indicates and why we would recommend testing.


A key protein measured for the investigation of weight loss; related to gastrointestinal, kidney and other disease processes.


Globulins play an important role in the immune system; elevations may indicate the presence of infection or inflammation.

Total Protein:

The total blood protein count, albumin and globulins combined.

Alkaline Phosphatase (ALKP) Alanine Transferase (ALT):

These two enzymes are indicators of a number of age related diseases in animals. Elevations in ALT may indicate active liver disease and hyperthyroidism in cats. With this information we can target any further necessary investigation. ALKP is a more non organ-specific enzyme, but marked elevations can often be seen in acute liver disease, and hormonal conditions such as Diabetes Mellitus.

Blood Urea Nitrogen (Urea):

Urea is a protein by product, produced in the liver and excreted by the kidneys. It can be elevated for a number of reasons such as liver disease or a high protein diet, but more importantly it may indicate kidney failure. We use this measurement in conjunction with urine sampling and creatinine (see below)


Creatinine is a waste product of muscle metabolism and is the biomarker by which we stage renal disease in animals. By measuring this value we can determine whether or not your animal is in kidney failure, and which treatments are appropriate for the stage (I-IV) which they are suffering.


High levels of glucose in a starved blood sample may indicate the presence of Diabetes Mellitus or other hormonal disease. Correction of these metabolic disorders is vital for the health of your pet.

Packed Cell Volume (PCV):

The PCV of your pet is his or her percentage of red blood cells. This measurement is useful for determining the presence of anaemias and dehydration. Any abnormalities detected can be further investigated using our in house haematology analyser and manual blood film exam.

Urine Specific Gravity (USG):

Measuring the concentration of an animal’s urine gives us the USG. It is an indicator of the concentrating ability of the kidneys, and can be used to confirm the presence of renal failure when abnormal blood levels are detected.


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