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Preventative Healthcare - Rabbit Pet Insurance

Rabbit Pet Insurance

It is cited that 1 in 3 pets will require veterinary treatment this year.  This could be for long-term conditions, or a ‘one off’ occasion such as a broken leg.

As veterinary medicine becomes more advanced, costs increase and in some cases become a deciding factor on the treatment plan.  This is where insuring your rabbit can help you provide the best possible treatment, no matter what the condition.

There are many pet insurance companies available that will insure against accident, illness and injury.  However not all policies provided are the same.

When looking for an insurance policy for your rabbit, check the following:

• Make sure that the policy is a LIFETIME or LIFE POLICY

• There is no limit on the time that can be claimed for each condition

• There are no exclusions at renewal for ongoing conditions

• The company is a pet insurance specialist

• Whether the excess will increase after each claim

We recommend combining the Abbey Veterinary Group VIP Pet Healthcare Plan with an insurance policy to give you absolute peace of mind for all your pet’s healthcare needs.

Abbey Vets Key Points

Pet Insurance

• Some medical problems can be very expensive to treat

• The daily cost of insurance is relatively low

• Tailor your cover to your needs and your means

• Start your insurance early before your pet develops any problems to avoid any exclusions

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Treatment of sick and injured animals is obviously a very important part of our work, but we are great believers in preventative medicine.