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May is Veterinary Nursing Month

Veterinary Nurses play a very important part in the day to day running of a veterinary surgery. It is a skilled and highly trained vocation.

Apart from caring for sick animals they play a large part in client education. They care for your pet before their operations, monitor their anaesthetics, and care for them post operatively.

Here at Abbey Veterinary Group we are very lucky to have a great team of 9 veterinary nurses. Our nurses will look after your pets before, during and after their operations spending time with them giving them a fuss and a cuddle and encouraging them to eat when they are feeling poorly, making sure they are always clean and warm.

Our nurses work in our in-house laboratory and will run the tests requested by the vets to enable you to get the results very promptly.

For telephone advice one of our nurses will be at hand and will answer your questions on where they can help and discuss any problems and further advice with a vet.

As well as using their nursing skills our nurses are very involved in preventative healthcare and run many clinics including:-

We have a VIP Pet Healthcare Plan here and our nurses will meet you and your new puppy or kitten and will continue to monitor progress and advise you throughout the very important first year of their life and at regular intervals thereafter. Helping keep a full record of your pet’s life for you to keep.

We depend on our nurses and their skills for the day to day running of our practice and for the care and compassion they bring – we could not manage without our brilliant team. Come and meet them!!

Abbey Vet Group’s nurses are always here to help you and your pet in a caring and knowledgeable manner….

Both at Chaddesden and Chelleston ..

The Clinic Nurses:

During May the role of the Veterinary Nurse is highlighted

Weight Clinics - Mel Costello

Diabetic - Debs Bright and Elaine Moir

Donna Wright is very keen on the Lab work

Senior pet - Donna Wright and Elaine Andrews

Nutrition - Holly Thurman

Feline Behaviour - Elaine Moir, Debs Bright & Michelle Nettleship

Behaviour - Estelle Jackson

Mel Costello

Debs Bright

Elaine Moir

Donna Wright

Elaine Andrews

Holly Thurman

Michelle Nettleship

Estelle Jackson