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Travel Pet Scheme

From 1 January 2012 the rules for bringing pet dogs, cats and ferrets into the UK has changed. See Defra website for details.

Your Pet’s Healthcare Web Links

Pet Healthcare Information

A 'One Stop Source'
featuring a wealth of animal health information and advice owners and potential owners to help make decisions about their pets' healthcare.

You know your cat better than anyone, but would you be able to spot the subtle signs of chronic pain? Get information you need to help keep your cat healthy and pain free.

Spot the

Pet Education Leaflets

A substantial E-Pet Health Library brought to you by Abbey Veterinary Group.

Informational articles available on every pet, covering their health and their sometimes quirky behaviour.


Pet Insurance

With unexpected treatment often costing hundreds of pounds. Pet insurance protects you against the unexpected costs when your pet needs treatment and can help your pet live a longer, healthier life.

There are many reasons that your pet may become stressed or anxious including moving home, redecorating or building work, a new pet or baby or simply rearranging the furniture.

Lung Worm

Once seen as an isolated problem in parts of England, Wales and Ireland, lungworm has spread. Are you lungworm aware?

Take the lungworm challenge.