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Your Pet’s Health

At Abbey Veterinary Group we recommend a proactive and preventative approach to your pet’s healthcare. With this in mind we have developed a simple and affordable VIP Pet Healthcare Plan. With the VIP Pet Healthcare Plan the cost of routine vaccinations, flea and worm treatment is spread over a 12 month period, including a VIP health check 6 months after the routine vaccination. In addition to this members of the Plan can get a 10% discount on some other services including routine neutering, food, accessories and long term medication purchased at the surgery.




Initial vaccination package* – 20% discount

Pet Accident Treatment Insurance

Terms and Conditions apply

Year round flea and worm treatment as appropriate

Two visits per year for 10 point health check with vet – first with annual vaccination and a second 6 months later (inclusive nail clipping, dental check and anal gland expression if required included in these visits)

Annual vaccinations*  

Microchip check

Annual “Rearguard” fly strike prevention treatment

Pet Health Check record book

10% off Kennel Cough vaccination

10% off routine neutering

10% off micro-chipping

10% off dental procedures

10% off pre-operative blood tests

10% off in house urine analysis

10% off consultation fees  

10% off long-term medications bought in the practice

10% off all food and accessories bought in the practice  

Monthly Payment

*Vaccinations include:

Dogs: Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus and Leptospirosis

Cats: Feline Leukaemia virus, Enteritis and Cat Flu

Rabbits: Viral haemorrhagic disease and Myxomatosis  

upto 25kg





  1. We offer the 5% discount for multiple pets
  2. There is a joining fee of £5 per pet
  3. Prices valid from 1st March 2014

VIP Pet Healthcare Plan