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Until 16th May 2015

Fleas & Worms …

Unwelcome companions to any pet

Controlling fleas and worms is a challenge, particularly in multi-pet households and with warmer weather around the corner the flea population will soon explode.

Whatever the weather it’s important that you worm regularly to protect your pet and family. Regular treatment of all pets in the household is required now to deny fleas and worms the opportunity to survive and breed.

Why not take advantage of a free parasite consultation with one of our nurses, where we can review your pet’s lifestyle and parasitic control history, look for signs of flea activity, evidence of worms and check its skin for signs of Flea Allergic Dermatitis. With our knowledge of the latest thinking on parasite control and access to the most up to date products, including flavoured, chewable tablets, we can help you find the most effective solution for you and your pet.

As a valued client, until the 16th May, we would like to offer you:

Either bring you voucher code to the surgery or ask us about our special offer

Please Note: If your pet has not been seen by one of our vets in the last 12 months a free health check will be required.

Make sure your pet has the protection it deserves and you’ll be one step closer to ensuring your home remains parasite free!

More details on Fleas and Worms can be found on this website:

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To ask for more information on flea and worm control, including tablet treatment for dogs and cats or to make an appointment for your FREE Consultation please contact either surgery.

Controlling Fleas & Worms

Fleas and Worms

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