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Preventative Healthcare - Dog Worms

Dog Worms

Keep your pet and family safe!

Using our prescriptions for worms will control all the important worms that your dog may pick up. Please ask us for advice on the best choice from our range of safe & easy worming options.

What can worms do to my dog?

Heavy infestations can result in vomiting and severe diarrhoea and cause a loss of blood, weight and condition. Worms weaken the immune system, and by migration through major organs can cause illness e.g. pneumonia. Whilst pets with lighter infestations may show no external signs, they are still a possible source of infection to others, including humans.

What can worms do to my family?

The greatest threat to human health is from the larvae of the roundworm Toxocara. The eggs of these worms may be picked up on the hands of children from either the pet or the environment. Infection then occurs when children put unwashed hands in their mouths.  Although serious consequences are quite rare, these worms can cause blindness, heart problems and epilepsy in children.

How would my pet get worms?

Puppies can be infected with roundworms (Toxocara) before they are born as the larval stages migrate through the mother to the puppies in the womb. They are also transferred to the puppy in the mother's milk.

All dogs can pick up Toxocara eggs from contaminated soil and swallow them when they groom themselves/lick their feet.

How can I control the problem?

Using Prinovox every month not only kills fleas, it also keeps your dog free from roundworm (Toxocara), Whipworm, Hookworm, Lungworm and Heartworm. As the dog is being wormed continuously there is no chance of him putting your family at risk by passing out worm eggs.

Tapeworms are not common locally & not a risk to pet or human health,
but can be treated specifically if seen.

Please feel free to discuss any aspects of parasite control with a vet or one of the healthcare nursing team.

Abbey Vets Key Points


• Worms are a threat to the health of your family and your pet

• Regular worming is necessary to control infestations

• Puppies can be infected before they are born so worming is advised at an early stage of their life

• Are you lungworm aware? Take the Lungworm challenge at

There is now a simple blood test to check if your dog is infected with the potentially deadly lungworms. The results of this test are available in 15 minutes. Please ask us for details

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Treatment of sick and injured animals is obviously a very important part of our work, but we are great believers in preventative medicine.