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Preventative Healthcare - Dog Pet Insurance

Dog Pet Insurance

One pet in three will require veterinary treatment this year. Perhaps this treatment will be a ‘one-off’ problem like broken bones after a road accident. It may equally be an ongoing problem like diabetes, a skin allergy or arthritis. As medical and surgical treatments become more advanced, inevitably the cost of first class veterinary care increases and in some cases becomes a limiting factor. This can be a heart-wrenching position to be in.

For a fraction of the cost of feeding your pet, it is now possible to insure him/her against accident, illness and injury. With the exception of vaccinations and elective procedures like neutering, all you pay in the event of a problem is the excess on your policy - the rest is taken care of and your pet can receive the very best treatment that money can buy.

Selecting a policy…

Take care - they come in all shapes and sizes! Be aware that some policies will only cover an illness for 12 months before cover stops while others provide lifelong cover for ongoing conditions. Leaflets are available in reception. We recommend combining the VIP Pet Healthcare Plan with an insurance policy to give you absolute peace of mind for all your pet’s healthcare needs. Please do not change your insurance provider without talking to us first as some conditions may be excluded.

Abbey Veterinary Group now offer a scheme to help you spread the cost of routine treatments throughout the year on a direct debit basis (i.e. vaccinations, flea treatment and worming). Membership of  VIP Pet Healthcare Plan will also give extra savings on other services, but while this plan includes the added benefit of Pet Accident Treatment Insurance this will not cover illness or medical conditions and therefore will not replace general Pet Insurance.

Abbey Vets Key Points

Pet Insurance

• Some medical problems can be very expensive to treat

• The daily cost of insurance is relatively low

• Tailor your cover to your needs and your means

• Start your insurance early before your pet develops problems to avoid any exclusions

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Treatment of sick and injured animals is obviously a very important part of our work, but we are great believers in preventative medicine.