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Preventative Healthcare - Dog Neutering


We recommend:

• All male & female dogs are neutered from 5 months of age (unless intended for breeding).

• Monitoring weight and food intake post-operatively.

 Feed an appropriate diet to maintain weight

What is neutering?

In the male, this is called castration, and involves removing both testicles.

In the female, the operation is commonly called spaying, and both ovaries and the womb are removed.

Why is it good to spay your bitch?

Apart from the obvious advantage of preventing unwanted litters, spaying provides some definite practical and health benefits. Your pet will no longer have seasons (with all the associated management difficulties), future life-threatening diseases of the womb (pyometra and cancer) will be prevented, and the risk of mammary tumours will be very much reduced.

Why is it good to neuter your young male dog?

In older dogs, testicular tumours, anal tumours and diseases of the prostate gland are common. Castration is a valuable preventative measure against these problems. Castration is also performed to reduce some problematic behavioural traits such as wandering, aggression, hypersexual and territorial behaviour that may be linked to male hormones.

When should the operation be performed?

Males - can be neutered from 6 months of age.

Females - can be neutered from 6 months of age. In general we recommend spaying after the first season. However we offer a complimentary consultation with a vet if you wish to have your bitch spayed before her first season to ensure she is mature enough for the procedure.

Are there any disadvantages of neutering?

Neutering is a surgical procedure and involves an anaesthetic. In a young healthy animal the risk associated with this anaesthetic is minimal.

Neutered animals have a reduced metabolic rate, and so there may be a tendency to put on weight if the same quantity of food is given. However, a reduction of food intake or a light diet should prevent this. One of our healthcare nursing team would be happy to discuss any queries with you.

Rarely, some spayed bitches can develop urinary incontinence, but this can usually be controlled with medication, and the advantages from neutering far outweigh this possible disadvantage. Again, our healthcare nurses or vets would be happy to discuss this with you.

Abbey Vets Key Points


• There are many health advantages for a bitch to be spayed as well as eliminating unwanted litters

• There are many health and behavioural advantages for a male dog to be castrated

• Neutered dogs are prone to weight increase, so regulate their diet accordingly to avoid obesity

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