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Abbey Veterinary Group
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Clinical Services

Abbey Vet Group provide quality Clinical Healthcare

Bringing your pet to surgery

Please always bring your cat to the surgery in a carrier. Cats will often feel more secure in a carrier and may try to escape if not confined.

Please keep your dog on a lead at all times. Where possible please encourage your dog to pass urine or faeces before coming to the surgery. If your dog does accidentally pass urine or faeces in the waiting room or in the car park please inform reception so they can arrange for this to be removed.
If your pet is particularly noisy, aggressive or very nervous, please inform reception when you make the appointment and we will try and see your pet during a quieter time of the day.

Emergency treatment is more effectively administered at the surgery and in most cases a severely injured animal can be moved quite safely. Have as many helpers as is necessary to move the animal with the minimum fuss and ensure that its airway is kept clear at all times.
Please let us know that you are on your way so that we can be ready to deal with the emergency.
After hours our emergency work is covered by Ashfield House Veterinary Hospital in Long Eaton. Please telephone 0115 972 7050 and follow the instructions on the recorded message.
Consultations out of normal surgery hours will incur additional charges.

Repeat Prescriptions

Repeat prescriptions by law, can only be prescribed if the animal has been seen at the surgery within the last six months. In some cases the interval may be less depending on the condition the medication is required for. Requests may be made by telephone or in person. Please allow 24 hours to collect medication from us. If a written prescription is required please allow 72 hours not including Saturday and Sunday.

Hospitalisation Facilities
Abbey Veterinary Group is well equipped with sterile and non-sterile operating theatres. We have x-ray, dental x-ray, ultrasound and endoscopy facilities.

Our separate dog and cat kennel areas are supervised by our qualified nurses who ensure the comfort and well being of all hospitalised animals. There is an isolation unit set apart from the kennel areas.

We use Adaptil and Feliway diffusers in our dog and cat wards to help your pets feel less stressed when in our care.

Pre-operative Guidelines

Operations are carried out routinely at both our surgeries Monday to Friday.
We request that all cats and dogs due to have an operation have their last meal no later than 7pm the night before the operation, with water available up until midnight.

Our nurses will admit your pet between 8.00am and 9.00am at the Chaddesden surgery and between 8.30am and 9.00am at the Chellaston surgery where dogs will be weighed and if appropriate given a sedative. One of our nurses will contact you by phone/text/email with a progress report and will arrange a convenient time for you to collect your pet.
Generally animals go home the same day during the afternoon unless we feel that it is necessary to monitor them overnight.

Tail Docking

We will not dock tails.

Abbey Vet Group is a well equipped surgery offering comprehensive care and treatment for your pet.

Both at Chaddesden and Chelleston

Please keep your dog on a lead.

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Diffusers to help relieve stress fin your dog and cat.