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Preventative Healthcare - Cat Nutrition

Cat Nutrition

How important is proper nutrition?

The right diet is vital to keep your cat fit and healthy. Poor nutrition accounts for a remarkably high percentage of the health problems we see. These include vomiting, diarrhoea, flatulence, obesity, dental problems, growth deformities, heart, kidney and skin problems.

What type of diet should I feed?

• Homemade diets - these are rarely nutritionally balanced or complete. They are relatively difficult to prepare and can be expensive.

• Commercial diets - quality diets are convenient and are nutritionally balanced. We recommend the Vet Complex diets which contain no colouring, artificial flavours or bulking agents. They are manufactured using only high quality natural ingredients.

Is wet or dry food better?

Dry food is more cost effective and helps to keep the teeth and gums healthy. Tinned food or pouches have a much higher water content which means that more may be required to satisfy your pet’s appetite. However some pets find tinned food or pouches more palatable and easier to digest.

There are many different life stage diets to consider. Vet Complex diets offer a high quality range for cats that are tailored to meet their individual nutritional needs. Our healthcare nurses would be happy to advise you on the best diet for your cat.

The Vet Complex diets offer specific diets for all stages of your cat's life.

Baby cat is a diet for kittens and is designed to provide the extra nutrients needed by growing kittens. Kittens have intense needs for balanced growth, particularly in terms of energy, protein and minerals. Their digestive system is delicate and their immune system immature.This diet can also be fed to the lactating mother.

Junior cat is a diet for young cats from neutering until 1 year old offering weight regulation and reinforced immunity health benefits

Adult cat diet provides all the nutritional requirements of an adult cat while reducing the risk of obesity, hairball's, and helping prevent the occurrence of the most common stones and crystals found in cat's urine.

Senior cat diet is designed for pets over 10 years old. It is beneficial in maintaining urinary health, promoting joint support, vision support and helping delay the signs of brain aging.

Abbey Vets Key Points


• Poor nutrition may lead to health problems

• Different life stages and styles have different nutritional requirements

• Always make fresh water available

• Commercial diets are advised as they have been developed to include the nutrition your cat needs to be healthy

• We recommend Vet Complex range of diets as they contain only high quality natural ingredients

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