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Is your pet Stressed or Anxious?

The signs of possible stress or anxiety in your pet

If your pet is exhibiting any of these symptoms first come and see us so that we can rule out any medical causes and advise on behavioural aspects.

There are many reasons that your pet may become stressed or anxious including moving home, redecorating or building work, a new pet or baby or simply rearranging the furniture.

There are products available to help in these situations like a synthetic copy of their pheromones which can be used as a plug-in, releasing the pheromone throughout the environment.

For cats and for dogs

There is also a capsule available that is fed once daily either mixed in your pet’s food or it is water soluble and can be mixed into a liquid.

Holiday time, putting your pet into kennels or a cattery

Abbey Vets Key Points

Stress &  Anxiety

• All puppies should be vaccinated, and need yearly boosters (we will tailor the boosters to suit your dog’s specific needs and circumstances)

• Elderly dogs still need vaccination

• Distemper, Parvovirus, Leptospirosis and Hepatitis diseases are still around, and they can kill!

• Most boarding establishments will not take your dog or cat if their vaccinations have lapsed

• Remember kennel cough if your dog is going to kennels, or a dog show, (at least a fortnight before the event)

 You should take the vaccination certificate to the kennels as proof of vaccination

• Rabies vaccinations (and all the necessary tests and documentation) are available for pets destined to travel abroad.

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Treatment of sick and injured animals is obviously a very important part of our work, but we are great believers in preventative medicine.