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The Challenge with Age

Sadly, older animals often end up in rescue centres. To help change their uncertain future, Agria has removed the age restriction on new insurance policies for owners who take the responsible step of re-homing an older pet.

Solving the Age Challenge

As you know, like humans as we get older, pets can become prone to a range of conditions associated with old age, meaning insurance options become far more restrictive. That’s the reason most pet insurance policies have a maximum age limit for new cover.

Agria's May's Age Amnesty

While this relaxed age restriction is designed for rehomed animals whose new owners haven’t been able to enjoy their new pet’s younger years, during May, Agria is offering an ‘amnesty’ for any dog or cat normally too old to insure.

Agria Offers Age Amnesty for Older Pets

Insure your Aged Pet Now
Offer finishes the end of May.